Containing a Crazy Crawling Baby

  • Posted on: 31 May 2013
  • By: kate

Finally - finally - my redesign of this site is done. Actually, it's not so much a redesign as a migration from one content management system to another. The look of the site still needs a lot of work. It took a long time because I worked on it in between feedings, wranglings, puttings-back-to-bed, playing, drawing, Lego, cooking, sleeping, and all the other activities I generally do every day. That means I got an average of five minutes done each evening. Please let me know if something is broken or ugly. I will try to fix or beautify it.

Now for an important question. How do you corral a crazy crawling/cruising baby? (By the way, even though I live in West Hollywood, when I say my baby is cruising, I mean he is walking while holding onto furniture. He is not trolling the boulevards for pretty boys in tight denim shorts.) My 10-month-old is on the move. By that, I mean he literally almost never stops moving. Oh, and he likes to eat stuff he finds on the ground. Stickers, small pebbles, bits of chalk - this guy has an eclectic palate. When I'm cooking, I keep him contained with a large baby gate/playpen/corral-type thing (sort of like this) that I arrange so it blocks both exits from the kitchen as well as the cats' food and water. Lately, though, he's begun to hate the corral. He screams and pulls on it until it separates from the wall I've so carefully propped it tight against. Then he escapes, slapping his little hands on the wood floor as he crawls to freedom. He also hates the Exersaucer. The Bumbo? Don't even.

Baby carriers! I hear you cry. No dice. He only likes those for walks. In the kitchen, where the farthest I'm going is from stove to fridge and back again, he squirms and complains in the Baby Bjorn or the Ergo. He just wants to be down on the ground, moving, gnawing the corners of books and dabbling in the cats' water bowl. I'm getting good at cooking with one hand while holding him with the other arm. As long as I switch arms regularly, I get a good workout. I also get really, really, really tired.

How do you contain your crawling baby? Suggestions, please. PLEASE.


it is payback for all the days you wrenched the baby gate clean off its mountings and continued on! and when the f has kids, they will do that too. it is in the genes!

This is true - baby gate wrenching is a family tradition... :)

A jumper? a swing? one of those baby bjorn bouncy chairs with the toys across the front. Nina loved that. i admit tying mine to my back worked pretty well so I'm short on answers. I commiserate though.

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